What are the Benefits of being a LoadCentral Retailer?

Being a LoadCentral retailer is like being a one stop reloading station which enable you to sell many popular prepaid card products without purchasing the physical card! You can also sell prepaid airtime credits using a mobile phone or a PC with an internet connection. Loadcentral can be used for both business and personal use. Not only it can help give you the extra income that you need but it can also save you so much time and money. Load yourself, loved ones and family anywhere and anytime at a discounted rate. All you need to do is sign up for FREE with a very minimal start up capital.

  • You can start your own business for as low as 500.00 (consumable)
  • NO REGISTRATION FEE. Free Sim Activation.
  • ANY active and local pre-paid or postpaid mobile# can be registered.
  • Save or earn up to 15% per transaction depending on the product dispensed.
  • Have access on over 500+ pre-paid products & denominations.
  • Three (3) means of dispensing pre-paid products.
    #1 SMS
    #2 LoadCentral Webtool
    #3 LoadCentral Android App
  • No card inventory, no loss of cards, no expiration of pre-paid products.
  • Capital is not tied up to a specific pre-paid product.
  • Data are stored on LoadCentral database, you will be able to temporarily lock your account and transfer your remaining balance to your new registered account in cases the mobile phone or gadget being used is lost or stolen.
  • System generated sales transaction. No need to manually list down each and every sale. You can generate a day-to-day report using the LoadCentral Webtool.
  • Load anytime, anywhere!

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